There is fantasy football and then there is AllStars Trader.

AllStars Trader is the first broker allowing you to trade your passion, powered by ADRIX™ technology. ADRIX™ is AllStars Trader pricing engine and the AI company which has developed the algorithm on which footballer players` price is based.

We allow you to use your knowledge and trade over 4000 footballers from Europe’s top football leagues as a CFD product. In a nutshell, buy/sell Ronaldo, Messi, and Lukaku as if you were trading EUR/USD.

AllStars Trader is a revolutionary brokerage providing exciting new alternative asset CFDs, based on sports stars. Our alternative assets track the performance of your favorite sports stars using our highly sophisticated systems which have taken years to develop.

Our systems constantly evaluate and benchmark individuals creating real-time, liquid, and tradable indices  which are recognized financial products.

We wanted to create an alternative to ‘win or lose bets’. With our player index, you can buy, sell, or hold your favorite players.

For example, let’s say you bought $10 worth of shares in Mo Salah before the season started. He has been in great form so far and his price has increased. You can cash in now and sell him or you can play the long game and hold your shares with the expectation that in a couple of months’ time his price will continue to increase and you will be in a more profitable position.

What Football Leagues Does AllStars Trader Cover?

Traders using our web platform or brand new app can select “football” and from here you will see the teams in the following leagues and competitions:

  •  Premier League + English FA Cup
  •  Bundesliga
  •  Serie A
  •  La Liga
  •  Ligue 1
  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League
  • FIFA World Cup                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            How AllStars Trader Pricing Works

The ADRIX™ overall performance is affected by four factors, two in-game and two  out-game.

In-Game Performance

  •  If your player scores a goal, if your player provides an assist, if your player has a high pass success rate his value will increase.
  •  If your player has a high number of fouls committed, if your player picks up a yellow card, if your player misses a penalty his value will decrease.
  1.  Ranking Data- The Top Five
  •  For every match, the ADRIX™ algorithm will generate a ranking of The Top Five players. This ranking is continuously updated in real-time.
  •  If your player finishes the match in The Top Five it is a guaranteed win for you and their price is guaranteed to increase.
  •  Any player who finishes a game ranked in The Top Five is guaranteed to see a price increase!
  •  So, buy the players you think will finish in The Top Five and sell the players you think will miss out.


  1.  Benchmarking

A player’s price index may increase or decrease outside of their peers from the same

ranked club playing a match.

Peers from a similarly ranked club? What does that mean?

Each league that we cover is divided into four categories.

  1.  Platinum
  2. Gold
  3.  Silver
  4.  Bronze.

For example, in the Premier League, the platinum category consists of Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Tottenham Hotspur.

So, if Harry Kane plays a game for Spurs on a Saturday and has a poor game, then Lukaku plays  for Chelsea (Also a Platinum club) on a Sunday and he has a great game, scores a goal then Harry Kane’s value will decrease further when he is sitting at home on a Sunday not even playing because his peer Lukaku has outperformed him.

This also works the other way around, so if Lukaku scored and played well on Saturday and Kane played poorly on Sunday. Lukaku would see his value increase when he is at home on Sunday not even playing a game.

2. Trading Interest

This essentially looks at the demand for your player. Is there a high or a low demand for your selected player?

  •  If people think Ronaldo will have a good game and are buying him then that will be reflected in his price, it will increase
  •  If people think DeGea will have a poor game and are selling him, then that will be reflected in his price which will decrease.
  •  If you disagree with the market and reckon Ronaldo won’t have a good game,then you could make yourself a nice profit, if your hunch is correct. To know more about how our pricing is calculated, have a look at this video.

To trade on your favorite football players right now, sign up on or download our brand new app available now on the Google Play Store.

Practice your skills and build your confidence by opening up a 10k funded Demo account. Or jump right in and trade your passion with a live account.

Check out our awesome Match Centre on both web trading platform and app. Trade your knowledge and try to pick a player who you think will finish in the Top 5!

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