The FIFA Bureau Council has lifted the ban imposed on Kenya in February with immediate effect.

Kenya and Zimbabwe were both in February banned from world football by Fifa because of governmental interference in the running of the game in the respective countries.

Kenya’s sports ministry under then CS Amina Mohammed  disbanded the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) over alleged misappropriation of funds and appointed a caretaker committee in November 2021 to oversee the country’s football activities.

Thereafter, FKF officials, National Executive Committee were locked out of their offices at Kandanda House, Goal Project next to Kasarani Stadium. The Caretaker Committee then took over the running of Kenyan football, leading to FKF President Nick Mwendwa stepping aside at the end of November 2021.

In a letter dated 28 November 2022, FIFA General Secretary Fatma Samoura wrote to the reinstated FKF General Secretary Barry Otieno notifying him of the lifting of Kenya’s FIFA suspension.

“We would like to inform you that the situation of the FKF was submitted to the Bureau of FIFA Council for consideration and decision on 25 November 2022,” the letrer reads in part.

“On this occasion, the Bureau was informed of the officials letter date 4 November 2022 from the FKF General Secretary Barry Otieno to FIFA, confirming that the Kenyan government as represented by the newly appointed Cabibet Secretary for sports, Hon. Ababu Namwamba had reistated the FKK Executive Committee with immediate effect.”

FIFA had earlier on instructed the Kenyan government to reistate the legally elected FKF officials and their offices handed back to them for the suspension to be lifted.

Accordingly, the country’s newly appointed Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba complied rhe FIFA directives days upon assuming duties, leading to FIFA taking action.

“The Bureau also noted that the FKF General Secretary further asserted that the FKF had been handed back to the association’s elected leadership.

“In view of these circumstances, the Bureau of the Council decided on 25 November 2022 to lift the suspension of the FKF with immediate effect. Upon the lifting of the suspension, a FIFA-CAF mission will be deployed to Nairobi in order to define the next steps for the FKF and to also meet with the newly appointed Cabinet Secretary for Sports. Further details will communicated accordingly and in due course.”

The lifting of the suspension of the FKF takes place without prejudice to the ongoing investigations and court proceedings at national level.

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