Trading footballers with AllStars Trader is very straightforward. We offer you:

  • Leverage of 100:1’,

  • Spread’ around 1%,

  • We charge just 0.10% commission charge on each trade.

For example, I am interested in opening a position with Manchester United’s new signing Cristiano Ronaldo. So when I select the Football, Premier League, scroll to Manchester United FC. When you select any team the players are listed from top to bottom in order of value. So we can see Cristiano Ronaldo $38.27 is the highest valued player at Old Trafford with Bruno Fernandes $33.91 in second.

If you were of the opinion that in the next round of fixtures Bruno Fernandes would have a poor game you can open a ‘Sell Position’. In the blue box, it would cost $33.91 to open a sell position on Bruno Fernandes. Opening a sell position means that you believe that players’ value will decrease.

You might be wondering what is Leverage?

  • Leverage can be used to significantly increase your investment opportunity by giving you the option to multiply your trading deposit.

  • This allows you to take more or larger positions, which can lead to greater profits or losses.

  • Simply put, leverage reduces the amount of money you need in your account in order to make a trade.

For example, to open up 100 shares on Bruno Fernandes at $33.91 a share, the nominal value of this position is $3391.00. However, at AllStars Trader, we don’t ask you to pay that because we provide you with leverage of 100:1 which means you only need to have $33.91 in your account, plus the 0.10% commission charge of $3.39, so $37.30. to open up 100 shares on Bruno Fernandes. Great right!

Make sure to check out where you can learn more about trading AllStars CFD products and using MT5.

Set a Buy/Sell Limit Order for a Player

A Buy Limit Order is an order to purchase an asset at or below a specified price, allowing traders to control how much they pay. By using a limit order to make a purchase, the investor is guaranteed to pay that price or less.

Let us use Cristiano Ronaldo as an example. His current Buy Price is $38.27 If you as a trader think you can get Ronaldo at a better price than that, what you can do is click “Place an order”.

This is how it looks when you click “Place an order”. You set a limit price at a level that you believe is attainable/reasonable for the player to reach. If I believe $38.00 is a great price and is realistic for Ronaldo then I can set the “Limit Price” at $38.00.

This tells AllStars Trader that I want to open 50 shares of Cristiano Ronaldo if/when his price drops to $38.00.

You will find this in the “Pending Order” tab on the navigation bar. This order will sit there in pending orders until the price is reached, then it will move to the filled trades tab.

A Sell Limit Order is a pending order to sell at the specified limit price or higher. You use a sell limit to set a higher price where you want to secure a profit.

If the price reaches the limit price, there is an assumption that the price will continue to rise. By selling at the limit price or higher, profit can be guaranteed.

Let’s continue with Ronaldo as an example. His current sell price is $38.00. If you believe Ronaldo’s price will increase you can set the limit price to $38.20. This tells AllStars Trader that you want to only sell your position of 50 shares of Cristiano Ronaldo if/when his price reaches $38.20.

Only at this time will the order be filled and executed. Until then the order will be found in Pending Orders.

Portfolio/Toolbox (MT5)

This is where you can check out your current trade positions.

For instance,

Asset= Aaron Ramsdale

Price= $33.14

Position= 100 shares (in GREEN means BUY position)

P&L= +$49.00

Asset= Cristiano Ronaldo

Price= $37.96

Position= 100 shares (in BLUE means SELL position)

P&L= -$69.00

On top we can see highlighted in RED “Unrealised P&L”. This figure is continuously being updated in real-time to reflect the player’s real-time, live 24/7 price movements.

Currently, it is negative $52.32. This is telling me that if I were to close the seven positions currently open that I would, unfortunately, make a loss of $52.32.

Pending Orders

A pending order is a trader’s request to buy or sell when the price reaches a certain level. If the price rises (or falls)

to the desired level, pending orders, will turn into transactions. If we go back to the Ronaldo example, if his price rises to the desired level on the sell limit order then the order will be filled. If his price dropped to the desired level on the buy limit order then that order will be filled. Pending orders allow us to react in time to a change in the current market situation.

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