The Confederation of Africa Volleyball (CAVB) has been told to organise a Challenger Cup failure to which two top-ranked African teams in each gender will get the spots.

In 2017, FIVB announced the restructuring of the World League and Grand Prix, and in their place launched a men’s and women’s Volleyball Nations League whose first edition was played in 2018.

The Nations League is an annual event that bears the same format as the now-defunct FIVB World League and Grand Prix featuring the top 16 national teams made up of 12 core teams and 4 “Challenger” teams per gender.

At the end of the Volleyball Nations League, the challenger teams get relegated based on their ranking and their places taken up by teams promoted from the FIVB Challenger Cup.

To qualify for the FIVB Challenger Cup, each Confederation is required to organize respective Continental Challenger Cup with the participation of a minimum of four  teams for both genders, failure to which the FIVB will qualify teams through the FIVB Volleyball World Ranking for Senior Teams.

“Considering the quality and standard of play experienced during the age groups and Senior African Nations Volleyball Championships held last year, it is our considered opinion that a number of African teams and players are more than ready to participate in the FIVB Challenger Cup and qualify for the Volleyball Nations League,” said CAVB in a statement.

“CAVB is, thus keen to give equal opportunities to all National Federation by way of their participation in the 2022 CAVB Continental Challenger Cup, proposed to be held from 1st to 10th July 2022.

To enable proper planning and organization of the 2022 Continental Challenger Cup, CAVB invites all National Federations to register their participation in Continental Challenger whose winner’s will progress to the FIVB Challenger Cup.

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