It seems like the easiest way to discredit an honest company in the betting industry and reduce their influence on the market is placing lies through an unethical media campaign in which the competitor is accused of alleged illegal actions.

A recognized gaming company in Kenya is again the target of an unfair and unethical negative media campaign.

Conspiracy continues against foreign companies who are legally trying to do business in Kenya.

These companies that pay nearly KSh6 billion annually to the government through fiscal and parafiscal charges, have supported the community with continuous health donations during the coronavirus pandemic.

They provide jobs to over 55,000 people but these companies in the gambling industry have recorded a 90 percent drop in profit. However, these employees do not have to worry about financial stability, because their jobs are secure, and salaries are paid regularly.

A successful foreign company from this industry has recently been at the centre of well-orchestrated media campaign and is being connected with unproven scandals, regularly.

There are too many similarities with how the SportPesa issue was handled and again it is hard not to think that there is a domestic lobby that is trying to eliminate competition and take over business in an unfair way by creating unprofessional fake scandals.

It is now clear that foreign investors who contribute to the stability of the economy with their businesses.

Companies from this industry are big sponsor and partners of Kenyan sports and generally have a great impact on the community.

They hav especially stood out with donations during the coronavirus pandemic.

The easiest way to discredit someone and reduce their influence on the market is placing lies through media campaign, in which the competition is accused of alleged illegal actions.

The court annulled many decisions against SportPesa but the company still faced harassment.

The conspiracy against anyone who legally tries to do business in Kenya must now stop.