The  fourth round of the National Sevens Circuit, the Dala 7s is set to start this weekend as the tournament’s pools have been confirmed.

Third round winners Mwamba will be heading to Kisumu as top seeds in pool A alongside hosts Kisumu, Nondescript and Nakuru.

Menengai Oilers, Masinde Muliro, Daystar Falcons and Kabras Sugar are featured in pool B.

National Sevens Circuit champions  KCB will be out defending their title and perhaps  stretch their lead in pool C that comprises; Black Blad, Impala and Strathmore Leos.

Varsity side Zetech Oaks, Homeboyz, Catholic Monks and Kenya Harlequin will be battling it out in pool D.

The competition will go down  on 2/3 July at the Jomo Kenyatta Stadium in the Mamboleo area of Kisumu with a total of 24 teams taking part in the second tier contest with 4 teams placed in 6 pools.

Division 1 Day 1 Order Of Play, 2 July 2022

POOL A: Nondescripts v Nakuru 9.00am
POOL A: Mwamba v Kisumu – 9.20am
POOL B: Kabras Sugar v Daystar Falcons – 9.40am
POOL B: Menengai Oilers v Masinde Muliro – 10.00am
POOL C: Strathmore Leos v Impala – 10.20am
POOL C: KCB v Blak Blad – 10.40am
POOL D: Kenya Harlequin v Zetech Oaks – 11.00am
POOL D: Homeboyz v Catholic Monks – 11.20am

POOL A: Nondescripts v Kisumu – 11.50am
POOL A: Mwamba v Nakuru – 12.10pm
POOL B: Kabras Sugar v Masinde Muliro – 12.30pm
POOL B: Menengai Oilers v Daystar Falcons – 12.50pm
POOL C: Strathmore Leos v Blak Blad – 1.10pm
POOL C: KCB v Impala – 1.30pm
POOL D: Kenya Harlequin v Catholic Monks – 1.50pm
POOL D: Homeboyz v Zetech Oaks – 2.10pm

POOL A: Nakuru v Kisumu – 2.40pm
POOL A: Mwamba v Nondescripts – 3.00pm
POOL B: Daystar Falcons v Masinde Muliro – 3.20pm
POOL B: Menengai Oilers v Kabras Sugar – 3.40pm
POOL C: Impala v Blak Blad – 4.00pm
POOL C: KCB v Strathmore Leos – 4.20pm
POOL D: Zetech Oaks v Catholic Monks – 4.40pm
POOL D: Homeboyz v Kenya Harlequin – 5.00pm

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