Fifa loosens the noose on FKF’s neck

Fifa loosens the noose on FKF’s neck

The Football Kenya Federation (FKF) has until April 14 to pay former coach Adel Amrouche Sh109 million, about $100,000 fine that was awarded to him by Fifa.

Amrouche, who is the current Botswana national team head coach, was awarded the fine for wrongful termination of his contract by the Kenyan FA. 

The initial fine was about $50,000 but FKF moved to court to appeal the decision. 

However, the Court of Arbitration for Sports upheld the initial judgement and instead awarded Amrouche the cash plus interest earned over the period, shooting the figure to a double digit. 

Now, the financially crippled FKF claims that they are not in a position to pay the fine but Fifa is having none of it. 

From the Monday’s meeting in Zurich, Fifa’s Chairman of Disciplinary Committee Yeboah Amin gave Nick Mwendwa’s administration 30 days to look for funds to pay the Belgian.

“The debtor (FKF) is directed to notify the secretariat to the Disciplinary Committee Federation of every payment made and to provide the relevant proof of payment,” Amin was quoted by Nation Sport.

But Kenya’s case is complicated by the fact that currently Mwendwa cannot make any decision after the Sports Dispute Tribunal kicked the rest of FKF’s NEC members out of office in a landmark ruling made last week.

It remains to be seen whether Mwendwa, the only NEC members who is still in office following the expiry of the term of the previous office, will transact any business including signing cheques.

 Mwendwa had asked the government to help in footing this bill but Sports Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed stood her ground saying that the government should not be drawn in the federation’s mess.

According to FKF CEO Barry Otieno, Kenya was drawn into this mess by the previous regime that was headed by Sam Nyamweya.

Kenya found herself in this situation after Amrouche was suspended by CAF for improper conduct. During his ban, Nyamweya sought the services of Scottish tactician Bob Williamson on an interim basis. 

The agreement was that Williamson was to relinquish his post once Amrouche, who had a running contract resumed. 

Unfortunately, Amrouche’s suspension was lifted the same month that Nyamweya left office but once Mwendwa took over, he employed Stanley Okumbi instead of Amrouche leading to the protracted court battle.