A libero, the official volleyball specialist player, will for the first time be allowed to captain his or her team at the international stage.

This is among the many changes adopted by the Federation of International Volleyball (FIVB) during the 37th FIVB World Congress.

The changes are aimed at improving the attractiveness of the game.

The role of this player is a bit restrictive. Before this change, a libero was not allowed to skipper the team.

The players, who usually put on a different colours from the rest of the squad, is an important part of the team, especially at the back court coverage (s/he is not allowed to rotate in the front line). He or she is not allowed to leave the back court and cannot attack the ball neither can she serve.

The other important change will now give coaches the freedom to substitute a player on the court who is expelled or disqualified regardless of the number of substitutes already used.

This means, for example, if a libero is suspended, another player can be called up for action, even after the team had exhausted its substitution list.

Players will also have the advantage to recover the ball over the entire scoring table. Earlier, it was restricted to the half of the table that is on side of the player’s team.

But simultaneous contact by the blocker and an attacking player on the attacker’s side of the net is prohibited.

These changes will only come into effect three months from the date of approval due to the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic from 2020 to 2021 meaning that the implementation of the new rules will start as from January 1, 2022