Series leader Jasmeet Chana anticipates a big fight for the KBL-sponsored Kenya National Rally Championship (KNRC) title in Voi with rival Karan Patel expected to be on maximum attack.

Chana heads into season-closing title decider 9- points ahead of his opponent Karan, with 30 points to play for in the Sikh Union Club organized Guru Nanak Rally.

Jasmeet Chana is looking forward to Voi finale with great expectations 

Karan will pilot a Ford Fiesta Rally2 in the event which starts at Voi Wildlife Lodge and finishes at the expansive Teita Estate on Saturday  All he needs is to win the event outright and score a maximum 3 points on the power stage to be on the safe side.

This will make.him the champion if  Chana aka Iceman finishes second but doesn’t score on the power stage.

Karan heads into Voi off the back of a sixth victory of the season last time out in Machakos where he reignited his title hopes by lowering Chana’s initial 20 -point advantage to 9.

Bamba Rally saw Karan retire with gearbox gremlins but it will be interesting to see how the championship tussle pans out in the vast Taita Taveta County.

While Karan remains a firm favourite given his nature of Rally2 Fiesta- and by extension- his ‘fast and furious’ cockpit antics, he is expecting to face an equally  title-thirsty Chana in his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10.

Both Chana and Karan have yet to lay their hands on the coveted KNRC title currently held by Carl “Flash” Tundo.

But Chana feels good, excited and really motivated to start his Voi campaign at the summit of the series.

He  reiterates: “It has become  a bit tighter now after the penultimate Machakos round. So, hopefully let’s see how it goes in Voi. We will be positive. We will still fight to the very end. Opening the road was not a good idea in  Machakos as we had a lot of animals that we had to stop for, so it was a bit difficult time for us.”

Karan’s navigator.Tauseef Khan is keeping his fingers crossed and here is what he says about the Voi finale: “It’s been a gopd season for us. Unfortunately, we broke down  in Bamba where our gearbox packed up. But going into the last rally in Voi, expectations are a lot higher.”

Asked about his strategy for the weekend, Karan quips that the plan is the same- “to win the event”.

Karan: “We are going back to Voi for Guru Nanak where we won our first KNRC in 2021 which is really exciting.”

Away from the much anticipated Karan-Chana tussle, other drivers will also drive to maximize on championship points  and to try and end it on a high.

–Double Delight–

Leonardo Varese already has the KNRC Division 3 and Two Wheel Drive titles in the bag but is eager to increase his point scores on both logs.

Besides his category titles, Varese is also seeking to wrap his KNRC campaign in a career best championship finish.

He currently sits fourth on the KNRC Overall log with 82points behind Kush Patel who dislodged him from third position in Machakos Rally. Varese is spurred on by his 100% finish record which places him closer to the big boys of the series.

Karan Patel speeds to victory in Machakos earlier in the month

–Four Repeat Stages–

Crews in Voi will tackle a Competitive Distance totaling to159.17km while the  Liaison Distance is 70.91km .

Four stages will be repeated to make a competitive run of eight stages. The repeat run of Charcoal Stage (21.30km) will serve as the power stage where the  fastest three drivers will earn additional 3-2-1 points on the main championship log.

KNRC Overall Championship


1 Jasmeet Chana 209

2 Karan Patel  200

3 Kush Patel  86

4 Leo Varese 82

5 Maxine Wahome 74

6 Steve Mwangi 60

7 Carl Tundo 59

8 Hamza Anwar 47

9 Jeremiah Wahome 41

10 Nikhil Sachania 40

10= Ghalib Haji 40


1 Ravi Chana  209

2 Tauseef Khan 200

3 Mudassar Chaudry 86

4 Kigo Kariethi 82

5 Riyaz Ismail 78

6 Murage Waigwa 74

7 Deep Patel  62

8 Dennis Mwenda 60

9 Victor Okundi 41

10 Tim Jessop 39

Itinerary- Guru Nanak Rally

08:00: Parc Ferme Out /Ceremonial Start-Voi Wildlife Lodge

Service A – Teita Estates 

08:18: SS1-Camp 1 (20.09km)

09:51: SS2- Karani 1 (23.69km)

10:24: SS3- Kamtonga 1 (10.55km)

11:02: SS4- Channel 1(21.30km)

Service B – Teita Estates 

11:55: SS5- Camp 2 (20.09km)

12:28: SS6- Karani 2(23.69km)

13:01: SS7- Kamtonga 2(10.55km)

13:39: SS8- Charcoal 2 (21.30km)

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