A two-day internet blockade in Uganda will drag down the nomination process ahead of the forthcoming Uganda Volleyball Federation (UVF) elections set for later this month.

Uganda Volleyball is set to go to the polls on January 31. 

Submission of the nomination papers by different candidates was set to elapse on Monday, January 18, but the process was delayed by the nationwide internet shutdown.

Uganda went into a five-day internet shutdown ahead of the just concluded general elections held on January 15, until the morning of January 18, when the services were restored.

The nomination process has thus been extended by two days, to cater for the lost time when  the country was forced into a forced internet blackout.

“The submission of forms for the Elective General Assembly was affected by the closure of internet services in Uganda by the general elections 2021,” InsideVolleyball quoted a circular sent to delegates by president Hadija Namanda.

The deadline for submission of forms for candidates and Delegate was 15th January 2021. The internet was shut down on 13th January 2021

‘This is therefore to allow for two extra days after resumption of normal internet services to allow for submission of the forms. The final deadline for submission of the forms is 20th January 2021′. Namanda directed.

The two-day extension also applies to submissions of delegates list from affiliates, to the yet-to-be-named Accreditation Committee, whose duties include scrutinizing the forms and accrediting delegates.

The elections will take place at the Uganda Olympic Committee offices in Lugogo.