It’s time to reawaken Kenyan football – Herbert Mwachiro

It’s time to reawaken Kenyan football – Herbert Mwachiro

Football Kenya Federation presidential aspirant Herbert Mwachiro is looking to revive Kenyan football as the race for the top seat gains momentum.

The former FKF chief executive officer believes in creating a living for many through the game. This, he says, can be achieved through setting up higher standards in football management.

“Kenya is a sleeping giant and the time to reawaken it is now. The potential we have suppressed for far too long has made us embrace normal when our aims should be higher, and that’s what I see when I look at Kenyan football. I want to bring that re-think, that need to shift our goals higher, the need to give more people a chance to life through football,” Mwachiro told The Star on Monday.

Football in Kenya has been dominated by unending wrangles emanating from management, a culture that has killed numerous talents at grassroots due to lack of supportive infrastructure to tap into the existing gold-mine.

The endless series of court battles, for instance,have negative implications on local footballers who solely depend on the sport to make ends meet .

Mwachiro believes these setbacks can be done away with strategically at all levels.

“Perennial problems facing football administration in Kenya can be tamed – through streamlining of processes, insight-led strategy, and strategic partnerships at all levels. I feel the timing is right to take my professional skills, experience and passion and lead a new dawn in Kenyan football. That’s why I’m running for the presidency.”

Global football is gradually returning from the coronavirus hiatus with new set of rules put in place to contain the virus.

Playing behind closed doors as a way of observing social distancing is one the guidelines that public health officials across the world have initiated to curb the spread of the disease.

The football administrator says that he will involve like-minded partners to ensure football in the country is played safely.

“Coming at a time when the game of football is expected to undergo significant changes in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, it will be of top-most priority to walk and work with like-minded partners to ensure a safe return to the field.

The current FKF office has been accused of lack of transparency and accountability especially in matters finances.

Under the presidency of Nick Mwendwa, questions have been raised about the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations expenditure where KSh244 million was reportedly not properly accounted for.

The botched procurement of outside broadcasting van in 2019 saw about KSh135m allegedly disappear in thin air. This is another scandal that the federation is yet to give a well-articulated account for.

Mwachiro promises to instill professionalism in running Kenyan football.

“My second priority would be to change the narrative and transform Football Kenya Federation into a professionally-run organisation, by advancing the tenets of transparency and accountability.

“Restoring integrity and fiscal discipline will also be crucial in ensuring that we can command a level of respect and trust where every sponsor feels safe in investing in Kenyan football as a product of value.”

Youth development is a key aspect that Herbert Mwachiro seeks to uplift by engaging coaches whose assignments will be to identify talent at an early stage.

“Coaches will be engaged in football at the grassroots with their primary focus being youth development and talent identification countrywide. Early development of referees and match officials will arise from talent identification as well,” he says.

Meanwhile, Mwachiro will be battling for the plump position against the former federation president Sam Nyamweya, the current boss Nick Mwendwa, among other interested candidates.

Sports Dispute Tribunal is expected to announce a new elections date after cancelling the exercise twice.