Gonzalo Higuain’s Juventus nightmare could be soon a thing of the past after reports emerge the striker could be on his way to Roma.

According to reports in Italy, Higuain move to Roma could be concluded in a matter of days. The ongoing talks between the two clubs have seen both sides fix the price at a 12 million annual loan with an optional redemption that will be fixed later.

Higuain’s is getting closer to leaving Juve with his destination likely to be somewhere in Italy.

If the Argentine does not leave then Juventus are thinking of extending the contract of Higuain, which currently expires in 2021, by one year. Consequently, lowering the amount of money spent per season for FFP reasons.

The problem, in this case, is the wage demands of Higuain, who does not intend for now to accept a salary spread from two to three years. He is willing to take a paycut, but not up to 5 million proposed by Juventus.

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