The Kenyan government on Friday to started conducting an audit of Football Kenya Federation’s finances.

The audit has caused sharp divisions with FKF which has been accused of financial mismanagement of State funds coming out to defend itself in a simmering dispute that has played out on mainstream and social media for the past week.

Inspectors from the Registrar of Sports office descended on FKF officers in the outskirts of the country’s capital Nairobi to begin sifting through a trove of documents in their bid to unearth whether public money was misused or misappropriated.

Speaking after the inspectors conducted their first day of their audit, FKF chief executive, Barry Otieno reiterated they have “got every intention” to co-operate with the audit.

“The most shocking thing for FKF at the moment is that we do not know what the inspection entails. The inspection team is saying that it is looking for documents dating back from 2014 and as most of you are aware we were not in office in 2014,” he added.

FKF has staunchly come out to question the motives and intentions of the financial probe, noting with concern the duration and parameters of the sweeping audit.

They have also roped in the assistance of world governing body FIFA whose officials Solomon Mudege, Sarah Mukuna and Abigail Hailemichael arrived in the country on Tuesday.