The Kenyan Premier League Limited has written to Confederation of African Football accusing Football Kenya Federation (FKF) of unprocedural’ conclusion of the 2019/20 league campaign.

KPL, the company that runs the Kenyan league on behalf of FKF, has been battling the federation to reverse the decision to crown Gor Mahia 2020 league champions on April 30.

However, the federation insists it acted within its legal mandate, something the league management, whose contract ends on September 24,  has protested against.

In a letter dated April 26, 2020, CAF had written to all their member associations to communicate the fate of their leagues.

The continental football governing body went on to clarify dates of ending the same will be communicated.

Here is the full statement to CAF, signed by KPL CEO Jack Oguda and addressed to CAF Acting General Secretary Abdelmunaim Bah.

“As the body legally mandated to manage the Kenyan Premier League on behalf of the Football Kenya Federation, we would like to register our dissatisfaction with the manner in which your Member Association has treated its stakeholders (Clubs) under the pretext of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Like any other body tasked with managing the leagues on behalf of most of your member associations, the Kenyan Premier League has been made aware of a CAF circular dated April 26, 2020 signed by Acting General Secretary Abdelmounaim Bah.

“The only difference is that we learnt of this circular from fellow league managers from the continent and not our own FA, the Football Kenya Federation.

“What prompted the Kenyan Premier League to write to you are the unusual happenings we read in the media which were corroborated by pronouncements attributed to Mr. Nick Mwendwa purporting to end the league season in Kenya, including declaring the league winner, relegated and promoted teams.

“We find FKF’s purported decision to cancel the season to be out of step with your circular dated April 26, 2020 addressed to your Member Association General Secretaries.

“We note in the circular CAF’s concern of the Covid-19 pandemic which has led to the suspension of football around the globe.

“The Kenyan Premier League’s understanding of the CAF circular is that:

1. It did not call for the conclusion of the league in whatever way and CAF did not give any deadline for league winner name submission.

Instead Caf wanted to be furnished with the situation in Kenya, like any other of your Member Associations.

The situation being the league standings so far, including un-played matches, steps being taken in conjunction with Kenya Government and health authorities to ensure the safety of players.

2. Caf requested to be provided with agreed suggestions with stakeholders; the strategies/plans to be used to finalize those competitions, whether through completion or annulment and not the submission of the league winner.

3. Caf will, at an opportune time, determine the date to resume footballing activities.

4. Caf would advise when the current season leagues must be completed and concessions that would be made with regards to names submission, player registration and the date next season 2020-21 season will commence.

What The Kenyan Premier League, as stakeholders, expected from Football Kenya Federation;

1. As the body mandated to run the league on behalf of Football Kenya Federation we expected them to bring to our attention your April 26, 2020 circular so that we could submit a detailed report to them for onward transmission to Caf as per your request.

2. We expected FKF to furnish the Kenyan Premier League with clear Caf directives that would guide the deliberations of the KPL Clubs’ Governing Council in arriving at decisions commendable to your circular.

What Football Kenya Federation did instead was:

1. through a tweet on Thursday April 30, 2020 to declare the league winner while also relegating and promoting others.

2. without stakeholder engagement to purportedly invoke Article 2.3.3 of the Football Rules of Kenya and to declare the season ended

3. to submit the league winner to Caf.

Kenyan Premier League’s position:

1. As a responsible League body, we have written several letters to FKF reminding them of our place in the football structure and the legal responsibilities both Kenyan Premier League and FKF have to ensure the integrity of the competition is not jeopardised.

2. We are alive to Caf’s procedural and commendable steps towards engaging stakeholders with a view to addressing this unique challenges posed by COVID-19.

3. We also support FIFA’s approach vide a Circular 1714_Covid-19_football regulatory issues_EN dated April 7, 2020 to stakeholders worldwide.

4. The Kenyan Premier League is cognisant of FIFA’s Circular no. 1132 of 27 December 2007, which states: “FIFA is committed to preventing all methods or practices which might jeopardise the integrity of matches or competitions or give rise to abuse of association football.”

5. Besides deliberately misinterpreting Caf Circular of April 26, 2020, and FIFA’s circulars quoted above, and a legally binding MOU that expires on September 24, 2020 the Kenyan Premier League strongly believe FKF acted in blatant bad faith in disregard to stakeholder engagement to create a false impression of a force majeure in the absence of a Caf deadline for league winner submission and that FKF used the COVID-19 pandemic to effect some ulterior motives.

6. We find FKF’s behaviour repugnant and out of step with the good intentions of Caf and FIFA to address this unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic for the good of the sport we all love.

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