The Kenyan Premier League Limited Wednesday announced their registration with the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) for the betterment of football in the country.

In a statement sent to newsrooms, KPL announced the development aimed at promoting the best legislation for professional football and sports clubs.

“As part of the phase 1 restructuring stage, Kenyan Premier League is pleased to announce it has registered its membership with KEPSA (Kenya Private Sector Alliance),” KPL said in a statement.

“Through the membership with KEPSA, the Kenyan Premier League will work with the newly elected government to promote the best legislation for professional football/sports clubs adopting the best corporate governance practices, protecting the integrity of football/sports and implementing investment structures so professional football/sports clubs are financially sustainable.”

The move is aimed at opening more employment  opportunities for the country’s football professionals and improve the way of life in the community through soccer.

“This will enable professional football/sports clubs to deliver more opportunities of employment (for men and women), youth training and development and other social impactful activities within the communities they serve.

“Football is all about the youth and the community and by implementing the right structures today, clubs can have a big impact on the social and economic development of their communities by nurturing, inspiring and empowering the youth to realize tbeir sporting at home in Kenya.”

Kenyan Premier League has recently been at loggerheads with Football Kenya Federation in matters managing Kenya’s top tier league. It will be interesting to witness how the two parties will burry their hatchet for the common good of the people depending on football for a living.

Meanwhile, KEPSA brings together local and foreign business associations, chambers of commerce, professional bodies, corporates from multinational companies, medium, SMEs and start-ups from all sectors of the economy.

It also supports business businesses with opportunities for training, networking, financial linkages, mentorship and coaching.

Returning FKF President Nick Mwendwa has communicated that the new football season in Kenya will start in the next  one month or so.

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