Lang’ata Southland FC and Beijing Raiders are the inaugural winners of Betika’s Fundi Bingwa Cup.

The two sides emerged top in a tournament sponsored by Kenya’s leading gaming firm, Betika, that ran from October 8 – 10, with Southland taking home KSh250,000 after winning the men’s games as Raiders scooped KSh100,000 for their victory in the women’s category.

The tournament was launched early August by Betika in collaboration with Unique Mechanical & Auto Artisans Welfare Society in an effort to support and create opportunities for workers in the Jua Kali (informal) sector.

As part of its social welfare initiative, Betika Na Community, the gaming company this year saw fit to support Jua Kali artisans such as masons, plumbers, electricians and mechanics, among others, by providing them with financial support and sports equipment.

Apart from the sports equipment, Betika gave out 50 toolboxes and a 10,000-litre air compressor spray gun that will be used to improve the trade of about 2,000 artisans.  

“It was a very good weekend. We are impressed by the number of artisans who play football during their free time. Through this initiative, we believe that we can influence positive change among the youth by creating an atmosphere of talent and skills development. We are proud of the Lang’ata Southlands and Beijing Raiders for winning this year’s tournament. We are hoping to make it bigger and better next year,” said Jackie Tonui, Betika’s marketing manager.

“Our youth possess a wealth of talent and abilities that are untapped mainly due to lack of opportunity and support. Betika is at the forefront and continues to invest in the youth by nurturing their talent through sports, arts and culture,” added Ms Tonui.

“I thank all the artisans who came out and made this tournament a success. I also thank Betika for the progress they have made in uplifting sport and supporting Kenyan youth. The Jua Kali sector contributes immensely towards the Kenyan economy. Betika Na Community continues to change the lives of the youth and I am happy that this sector has finally got a chance to be beneficiaries of this noble initiative,” said Kennedy Onyango, the national chairman of Unique Mechanical & Auto Artisans Welfare Society.


Since its inception, Betika Na Community initiative has reached hundreds of thousands of youth across the country through donation of sports equipment and direct financial support for their business ventures. 

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