Mwendwa warns Ohaga to ‘stop meddling in Kenya’s football matters’

Mwendwa warns Ohaga to ‘stop meddling in Kenya’s football matters’

Football Kenya Federation President Nick Mwendwa has told Sports Dispute Tribunal Chairman John Ohaga to stay clear of the country’s football matters in what seems to be a widening the rift between the two organizations.

This comes barely a day after the defiant FKF boss denounced a consultative forum convened by the Sports Disputes Tribunal with regard to the upcoming FKF Elections on Tuesday.

As a follow up to its ruling on March 17, 2020 that disbanded FKF’s office, cancelled the scheduled elections for a record two times and called upon the government to form a normalization committee to oversee football matters in the country as well as its further directions thereafter, the Tribunal convened a “stakeholders” forum on on June 2, 2020, via a video link to chart the way forward over the federation’s elections deadlock and to seek views on how the same polls should be conducted, among other things.

STD was therefore on Tuesday looking for a clear road-map to resolve the existing stalemate as Mwendwa’s term in office elapsed on February 10 2020.

However,  the Kenya’s football governing body distanced itself from the meeting that Ohaga had called for on June 1 2020.

The STD chairman requested football stakeholders for a round-table discussion on the elections stand-off but Mwendwa would later refuse to be party before terming it ‘a voluntary mediation process’.

“Ideally, a mediation process is party-driven and voluntary. Usually, negotiations in mediation are undertaken before an impartial and neutral third party without decision-making powers. In any event, the stakeholders of football in Kenya comprise many other parties and entities outside these proceedings,” said Mwendwa.

The football administrator went on to emphasize his stand in the whole debate in a press conference held on Wednesday, June 3 2020.

In his remarks, Mwendwa insisted that he will be waiting for directions from Fifa basing on the letter written by the global football governing body dated March 25 2020.

In the contentious letter, Fifa quashed the rulling administered by the tribunal, handing Mwendwa a sigh of relief as FKF presidential election race heats up.

“FKF is an institution bound by its constitution as well as the Fifa statutes,” he said.

“We received the SDT’s ruling on March 17, 2020, and its further directions and have abided by them in good faith. Fifa has likewise been clear in its reply to us on the issue. We will, therefore, await its (Fifa) direction on the matter,” he added.

Meanwhile, the FKF president did not finish without directing his frustrations at Ohaga for delivering his verdict via news outlets. He urged the lawyer to stay away from football matters pertaining to the country instead.