Nairobi City Stars captains explain how they are keeping fit at home

Nairobi City Stars captains explain how they are keeping fit at home

Captains of Betika National Super League leaders, Nairobi City Stars, have revealed how they are training from home.

Serbian coach Sanjin Alagic left for home a couple of days ago but left a training programme for the players. 

Overall Captain Noah Abich admits it is not easy to train from home but is still doing everything possible to remain fit.

“We are all trying to adapt to it. This morning I was at my local gym for a workout with [Jockins] Atudo. I am following the programme as it says and I want to believe the rest of the lot are doing the same,” Abich is quoted by the club website.

“But working from home is tough. It’s not what we are used to.”

Calvin Massawa, who serves as his assistant has also explained what it takes to ensure there is consistency in training.

“On my part, I follow the schedule to the letter. It requires a lot of discipline to stick to the program. Those are the challenges that come with working alone from home.”

Field captain Anthony Kimani states it is fun training from home but admits it is tricky at the same time.

“Working from home is a bit tricky because of this pandemic the world is going through. But again it’s fun at the same time because we get to tag along with our families who get to experience what we do on a daily basis.”

Simba wa Nairobi are top of the Betika National Super League table with 64 points.