Kenyan  boxer Christine Ongare has conceded defeat at this year’s Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, United Kingdom, dashing the country’s hopes of a gold medal in the event.

Kenya’s Christine Ongare (L) at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. Photo/Kelly Ayodi

Ongare lost to Canadian Priyanka Dhillon in the minimum weight category after winning bronze at the last Games in Gold Coast, Australia in 2018.

In a heated encounter, Ongare lost on a split decision in the quarter-final of the minimum weight division at the Games.

“It has not been easy in every game according to me. My coaches know me better and every round they tell me what to do. Anyone that comes here comes to win. Reaching the quarterfinals depends on how you are ranked, that brought pressure on me knowing my opponent my was tough,” she said.

Photo/Kelly Ayodi

Ongare looked promising in the opening stages of the meeting but Dhillon kept her cool and launched  attacks in the second and third rounds. She was precise with her hits and protected herself well to earn more points, something that Ongare’s coach Musa Benjamin also pointed out.

“We had a game plan but we lost in the first round where Christine was not able to get out of that line of fire. So every time she scored, the girl was able to cancel and go top with a point or two.”

Four judges ranked the Canadian on maximum points while only one gave Ongare maximum score.

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