Tanzania Mainland League might resume as early as June if President John Pombe Magufuli’s words are anything to go by.

The head of state stated on Sunday he is considering relaxing the measures put owing to Covid-19 and allowing education and sporting activities to resume,saying the coronavirus spread curve is flattening and things look promising.

“We have to remain cautious and ensure we keep praying,” Magufuli said.

“Yes, we should continue observing safety measures put in place and not to relax them and the best thing is to remain committed. However, we are seeing an improvement, the cases of infections are going down and we hope it will continue so. 

“I am contemplating reopening schools and higher learning institutions and allowing our students to get back to their education. I am also thinking of allowing sports activities to resume, they bring entertainment for Tanzanians, life has to go on.”

April 28 was the last time the East Africa nation made public their Covid-19 statistics.

The top tier and all domestic competitions took a break in mid-March to curb the spread of the virus.

Simba SC were leading the race with 71 points after 28 matches, followed by Azam FC and Simba SC with 54 and 51 points respectively. 

There are 10 rounds remaining and Wekundu wa Msimbazi need just five wins to be crowned.