Free bets are a common terminology used by bettors and betting operators. You may have heard of it as an enticing element to lure you into registering with a specific betting site. However, what exactly is a free bet? And how can you enjoy this offer?

Various sites like have researched widely about free bets, and they would be a good place to start when you want to understand free bets. A free bet is a bet you obtain after you either register with a betting company or when you meet a specific criterion that warrants you the money given.

The bet is normally in the form of money where you can only wager. You may have scoured through the internet, identified a betting operator of your choice, and registered with them. Under various circumstances, you may be awarded the free bet as a new player, welcoming you to the betting scene.

The free bet does not require you to use your money to wager and there is a zero percent chance of you incurring losses. Free bets are one of the most attractive promotions offered by betting companies to attract and retain customers. It also provides you with the opportunity to evaluate the efficacy of the betting site without suffering any risks.

Free bet conditions vary with the betting site, the type of free bet or the amount awarded for the free bet will differ. Normally, you get a free bet after you register and deposit your first amount into the account.

In this article, we will be telling you about free bets, how to get them, and any other information that you may need when looking for free bets.

Types of free bets 

  1. First Deposit Bonus

This type of free bet involves awarding free bets to new customers. As a new customer, you make your first cash deposit and upon depositing the amount, the operator awards you a free bet. The offer can be in form of free cash, a free bet, or a free spin. Free spins are only applicable in casino games.

  1. No Deposit Free Bet

This is the best free bet offer you can get. You do not need to make any deposits to your account to enjoy this promotional item. The only guarantee for obtaining a free bet with no deposit is to register with a betting operator with this offer. You will automatically win the free bet and start enjoying winning games using your betting skills. Similarly, the amount of credit or spins you get depends on the betting operator because the offer is neither constant nor permanent.

  1. Free Bets

Free bets are the most common type enjoyed by customers who love betting. Depending on the operator, you can enjoy this option as an existing player, when the betting site decides to reward you for your loyalty, or when you register with the operator for the first time. Nonetheless, you only withdraw the profits after you have wagered using the money awarded to you.

  1. The risk-free bet

The risk-free bet is a type of bet where the operator returns the amount of money you used to bet when you lose your bet. This means that you stand zero chances of making a huge loss when you lose the bet. This bet type is available to all customers, whether new or existing, provided you happen to wager when the promotion is available.

  1. Enhanced odds

This is another great but rare option under this category. The operator increases the odds of a market or bet, therefore when you bet and win, the profit you earn is higher than when the odds are normal. This is a popular offer to new customers to attract and retain them because of the competitive nature of the betting industry.

  1. The hybrid bonus

This is another option whereby players enjoy casino bonuses and free sports bets at the same time. The awards you get extend through multiple sporting options, giving you a variety of betting options without necessarily risking your money. However, they are normally provided after depositing a specific amount.

Different ways of obtaining free bets

Now that you understand the most common types of free bets, it would be equally vital to understand how to obtain and enjoy them. The most common free bets are the ones you enjoy upon registration, and the ones you get as an existing player.

  • Free bets for registering customers.

These are free bets you enjoy after you register with a betting operator for the first time. To win this offer, you need to create a new account with the betting operator, provide valid payment options and make your first deposit.

  • Free bets for existing players.

Existing bettors are also not left behind because sometimes it is inherent that loyalty is awarded. To be awarded this offer, you only need to have engaged with the betting site for a certain period. You also need to deposit a specific amount of money to your betting account upon request by the operator, as a way of meeting the terms and conditions of winning the free bet. When you deposit the specified amount, you automatically get the free bet which is normally applicable to most of the available sporting events.

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