Wazito owner explains why it will be unfair to reduce players’ salary

Wazito owner explains why it will be unfair to reduce players’ salary

Wazito FC President Ricardo Badoer made a bold statement that he will not reduce players’ salary amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Some clubs have subjected their players to pay-cuts owing to the virus which has seen the sporting world come to a standstill.

However, the Wazito owner states it will be unfair to do the same to his players and employees.

“My thinking is that when you have people working for you, you cannot decide not to pay them because there is a virus in the world. It would be very unfair for me to pull such a move,” Badoer is quoted by the club’s website. 

“They have families, they need to put food on the table and as such, I have to consider their welfare too. My company is an international company, we have a huge number of people working for us and in Kenya alone, we have employed around 65 people. If I decide not to pay them because of the virus, their families will suffer because they cannot do any other job right now. 

“I am showing solidarity and responsibility by paying them all their dues during this difficult period.”

The businessman has explained how prepared he was for uncertainties. 

“I always have money put aside that can run my business and pay my people during bad times. When you survive bad times, you come back stronger because the staff will be willing to give their best because they are part of a well-run business.”

In Kenya, Kakamega Homeboyz players agreed to take a 50 percent pay cut.