The World Kickboxing Federation Kenya President Japheth Yahuma Adongo has assured all combat sportsmen in the country of better days ahead as he assumes office.

In a letter dated January 21, 2023 to the Kenyan Government and Sports Ministry, Adongo, famously known as Takid Master was formally announced new Kenya Combat Sports Federation  President and certified  promoter by World Kickboxing Federation Chief Executive Officer and World President Mr Robert Wilesmith.

World Kickboxing Federation Kenya President Japheth Yahuma Adongo (Far right) posses with elite boxers in Nairobi.

Barely months in office, Adongo has lined up both elite international and local combat sports competitions to give participants the vital exposure to the outside world and also turn the fortunes of Kenya’s combat sports around.

The World Kickboxing Federation Kenya had planned to stage the first ever international Belt Title championship in Nairobi on April 8, 2023 but the competition was rescheduled to a later date due to lack of timely sponsorship.

The particular championship which was to feature three professional Kenyan champions with a budget of approximately KES4 million will now be held towards the end of the year, according to the report from the federation.

A total of seven  countries had confirmed  their desire to comverge in Nairobi to compete for the top prize;
• Australia
• Morocco
• Nepal
• Egypt
• Tanzania
• Namibia
• Angola

Meanwhile, with the postponed tournament still in check, Japheth Adongo has urged Kenyan boxers to keep punching above their weight in readiness for the competitions ahead.

“I call upon all our fighters to get ready, train harder as there will be lots of both local and international assignments accompanied by lots of goodies coming their way,” he told Sports Africa on Sunday.

For ages, Kenyan boxers have arguably been used as cash cows to enrich those in higher places while they continue to languish in abject poverty, struggling to cater for their family needs.

According to Adongo, this is going to be a thing of the past as he affirms that the general combat sports in the country will get a facelift, further urging the involved parties to join forces and revamp the sport.

“….they should never lose hope as their long awaited dream is now here. Through my support as their President, mentor,friend and a brother who understands everything on the ground, I will find a way to deal with all their worries,” he added.

Little attention has been given to combat sports in Kenya for as many years. However, if what President Japheth Yahuma Adongo has in store for the games is anything to go by, the long awaited dream of better days could be here.

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