KIGALI, Oct. 12 (Xinhua) — Young Rwandans have been encouraged to embrace motorsport. This was a call made by Christian Gakwaya, the President of the Rwanda Automobile Club that has partnered with the Kigali Arena to organize the “talk-of-town” event known as Karting.

The Karting event that took place at the Kigali Arena had categories for both the young and adults (junior and senior) which saw them compete differently for various prizes. The tournament is supposed to take 5 weekends where the winner in the senior category will win themselves tickets to watch the Formula 1 in December this year whereas the winner in the junior category will walk away with a Play Station 5 (PS5). “We are encouraging people to come through as many as they can such that we can even be in a position to arrange an annual championship next year,” Gakwaya said.

He added that the Karting, besides being a form of entertainment, socializing and relaxation, is a platform for talents to be spotted and nurtured from a young age. “Karting is a grassroots category mainly to attract young people to join motorsport from a young age because it has been proven that most of the successful rally drivers started as young people from karting itself as a discipline,” he said. “We are creating an opportunity for local talents and I think many people should join the tournament because it is a sport that can pave way for future successful rally drivers,” he said.

Eric Musonera aged 14 says he has always looked forward to participating in the Karting competition as he is passionate about racing but since he does not have a car of his own or a driver’s license, the Karting tournament has been a chance for him to do what he enjoys most. “I love cars, I love racing and I can spend my free time watching YouTube videos of previous Formula 1 tournaments that happened even before I was born. Whereas most boys my age are passionate about soccer or basketball, I am passionate about racing and this is a chance for me to do what I love most,” he said.